Seerat Set (2 Books)

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This book is a summary of commentary of the Glorious Quran. All the thirty parts of the Quran are written separately with touching sub headlines. Today everyone is too busy in the word to have time for reading lengthy books. Therefore, this brief explanation of the Quranic messages is a need of time which will help the readers to comprehend the divine messages. Maulana Badruddin Ajmal Qasmi. The author has abstracted the explanation of the Quran from the authentic Urdu Tafaseer such as Tafseer Usmani, Asan Tarjuma, Asan Tafseer etc, that’s why I could not find deviance in information or belief. Hence, I can say this is a brief but authentic Tafseer. The author had been explaining the Quranic message after Taraweeh for the last few years in Ramazan. He also wrote the summary of each part of the Quran for an Urdu newspaper last year, later many people requested me to publish it in the shape of book, so that people in larger number can get benefit from it, so, I decided to publish it in Urdu and English. Maulana Burhanuddin Qasmi the publisher. The book is written as per the demand of the modern age but norms of tafseer and auspicious ways of old Mufassireen are not abandoned. The language is easy but appealing. "This book will not benefit only the Muslims unaware of the Prophet's character, but non- Muslim compatriots and other religion's followers who harbour misconceptions and doubts about the universal mercy of Prophet Muhammad (saws) too. It will eliminate their misunderstandings and hopefully they will try to take refuge in this shade of his large-heartedness." Maulana Badruddin Ajmal Al-Qasmi "This book will also work as a mirror for the Ummah and we could see in it our morals and characters along with the present situation of our society. Masha-Allah (By the will of Allah) this is a good collection of stories and lesson-oriented compositions based on the practical life of the prophet Muhammad (saws). It provides information about prophet's character and invites people towards accountability." Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani "This is an analytic piece of writing. In the beginning of every article the present day critical situation among Muslims is delineated, while in the middle the spiritual balm for social and personal maladies is prescribed from the practical teachings of the holy prophet Muhammad (saws) and in the end meaningful messages and realistic suggestions are given for those who wish to improve their personal and social conditions.

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