Maulana English Grammar

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All languages are creations of Allah (swt). A language is simply a means of communications. It does not have its own merit or demerit. Merit or demerit is an added phenomenon by its use and misuse only. English is an important and one of the most influential languages of the world today. Your students are about to learn English from you, great! Please note, that they are adult but beginners. It is you – a teacher, who can transfer the Basic English language from this book into their practices in 30 classes only – InSha’Allah. Please teach everything in this book. Make sure that the students learn every word by heart along with their exact meanings, spellings and proper pronunciations. Every word, every sentence and every usage must be exercised and practiced in the classes, both in written and spoken forms. Please ask the students to manage two long notebooks from the day one, one rough book to make notes and use during classes and the other, a fair book to do homework. You need to check the homework of each student every day. In addition to written assignments please give some vocabulary, new sentences and usage of the words or expressions, already taught, and ask the students to speak them during the classes. Make a habit of English conversation with them. We have two hours daily for 30 classes. Please use one hour to teach and one hour to check homework and do practical exercise. Two teachers, one hour each, can teach every day. However, one is enough and may be better in certain cases. Please plan your daily lesson well in advamce. Ensure that no student misses even a single class. By the end of these 30 classes, 60 hours and 90 days course, all students are expected to grow confident. Better ones can read, write, speak and understand day-to-day English and begin their English language journey right from here. Thank you Maulana Muaz Muddassir Qasmi, Mufti Jaseemuddin Qasmi, Lectures MMERC, Mumbai and Maulana Hamdul Quddus Qasmi, student SELC 1st batch, for adding Urdu Note in the 2nd edition of this book. I wish the teachers and the students of SELC – All the Best!

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