Advanced English Conversation Course (AECC)

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All languages are creations of Allah (swt). A language is simply a means of communications. The primary objective of learning any language is to be able to correctly communicate in both oral and written forms and understand the same when communicated by others. The English language is an important and one of the most influential languages of the world today. Those who can speak in Standard English are more influential people than their counterparts in almost all professional fields. In addition to look, spoken language is the first mirror for an individual through which others look at him or her and derive impression about that person. Your students are about to learn Advanced English Conversation or Spoken English from you- great! Please note, that they are adults and already have learnt the Basic English. Some of them might be poor in comprehension and some others might be lacking in vocabulary or confidence to speak in English. It is you – a teacher, who should inspire them as a rule model, boost up their confidence, polish their language and skill them in English Conversation. Please teach everything in this book. Make sure that the students learn every word by heart along with their exact meanings, spellings and proper pronunciations. Every word, every sentence and every usage must be exercised and practiced in the classes, both in written and spoken forms. Please ask the students to manage two long notebooks from the day one, one rough book to make notes and use during classes and the other, a fair book to do homework. You need to check the homework of each student every day. In addition to writing assignments please give some vocabulary, new sentences and usage of the words, phrases or expressions, already taught, and ask the students to speak them during the classes. Make a habit of English conversation with them and ask them to speak in English only whenever and wherever possible. Remember, no teaching is helpful without putting it in regular practices. We have 30 Units, covering different aspects of English conversation which should be taught and practiced in two days, two hours each. Please use one hour to teach and one hour to check homework and do practical exercise. Ensure that no student misses even a single class. No lesson should overlap other lesson; therefore, a teacher must properly manage class timing on regular basis and rehearse the lesson beforehand. By the end of these 30 Units, 120 hours and six month-course, all students are expected to grow confident, find a development in their personalities and a visible change in communication, especially while communicating in Spoken English – InSha’Allah. Thank you Maulana Aslam Javed Qasmi, Mufti Jaseemuddin Qasmi and Maulana Muaz Muddassir Qasmi, Lecturers MMERC, Mumbai and Teachers of AECC for assisting to bring this book in one of the best possible shapes and qualities; and also adding words meaning and Urdu equivalents of idioms and proverbs to this book. I wish all the teachers and the AECC students – All the Best!

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