Silk Letter Movement

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The book ‘Silk Letter Movement’ is a historical description of the heroic struggle waged by the Muslim scholars of Deoband (between 1913 to 1920) for the freedom of India. It aimed at overthrowing the British rule from India by allying with Ottoman Turkey, Imperial Germany and Afghanistan. The movement was named after the ‘Silk Letters’ from Maulana Obaidullah Sindhi captured by Punjab CID. This book is based on the British India records of ‘Silken Handkerchief Letters Conspiracy Case’ which are now preserved in India Office London. The book opens with an introduction to the Revolutionary Movement of Shaikhul Hind Maulana Mahmood Hasan Deobandi who was the real leader of this movement. The has been translated into English by Mufti Muhammadullah Qasmi.

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